CFD taps Huntley to fill EMS manager role

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The Charleston Fire Department announced Friday that it had hired Brett Huntley to fill the Emergency Medical Services program manager position for the department.

Huntley will be charged with managing the training program from EMTs and recruits, evaluating the staff to make sure they provide top-notch care to people in need, review medical incident reports, interact with EMS programs in Berkeley and Charleston counties and make sure the department is compliant with Department of Health and Environmental Control requirements.

Huntley was hired in December and hit the ground running, officials with CFD said.

"This new position is critical for our success in providing high-quality first responder medical services to the community," said Deputy Chief of Operations John Tippett. "Mr. Huntley's role will help improve our consistency and quality as we deliver emergency first responder medical care. Mr. Huntley's ability to get our department to the BLS level so quickly after coming onboard fulfills the work started by the department and enhances our capacity to deliver expanded emergency medical care and pre-hospital treatment to our citizens and visitors."