Changes could be in store for students east of the Cooper

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- As Mount Pleasant continues to grow, more students are pouring into area schools and causing overcrowding.

The Moultrie Constituent District 2 Board is holding a public meeting Thursday to discuss new attendance zoning for next school year.

Marty Belk is chairwoman of the board and says they have been working on options for the last 18 months regarding how to even out student numbers at all elementary and middle schools.

"We have two plans that correlate with the elementary and middle schools," she said.

Those plans will be released during Thursday's meeting. The changes could lead to kids having to find new school friends because of school changes.

There are many questions and concerns for parents. At Belle Hall Elementary, parent Jody Steele questions her child's future because how the school currently splits off into two middle schools.

"I have a fifth grader going into middle school next year. We are scheduled right now to go to Cairo. You cross (Highway) 17 you go all the way up 17. Is that the most effective place for our kids to be at this point? That's where all the growth is," she said.

Belk says they are considering many options.

"They're not set in stone by any means, and that's why we need the public input," she said.