Mother says accused teacher a 'father figure' to daughter

By Stefanie

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - Dubose Middle School teacher William Brown wiped away tears on Saturday,{}as he faced his charges of assault and battery in the second degree, and criminal solicitation of a minor.

Police say Brown inappropriately touched a 14-year-old student while whispering in her ear. Officials arrested and charged 49-year-old William Brown on Friday.

Brown went through a bond hearing Saturday morning. The alleged victim's mother was in court and said her daughter looked up to Brown as a father figure.

"He was her school teacher at Dubose Middle School, her homeroom teacher, and like I said, she thought the world of him and he, he betrayed her trust," she said.

A friend of Brown's was also in the courtroom and said Brown was passionate about teaching.

"I just find it extremely hard to believe that he would jeopardize something he loves so much for something like this," said the friend.

William Brown has a wife and young daughter. His family did not attend the bond hearing.

Before a Judge set his bail Saturday, Brown said,"I know the truth is going to come out."

Brown was given a $40,000 bond where he posted and was released. His next court date is set for July.

A Dorchester District Two spokesman said Brown has been recommended for termination. DD2 officials have banned Brown from all school and district property.

In the wake of the Skip Reville scandal, it's another sexual allegation that has many parents on edge in the tight-knit community of Summerville. Reville once taught at nearby Pinewood Prep Academy-- right down the street from Dubose Middle School.

"I would hate to think that we have someone this close in the neighborhood and at her school that has these thoughts," said a Summerville mother, whose daughter attends Dubose Middle School.

"You always hear about it, you always read about, hear about it, see it in TV shows, but we've never had it hit this close to home."

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