Power restored at Charleston airport hours ahead of schedule

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Power at the Charleston airport has been restored several hours earlier than estimated after a meter line was cut by construction crews.{}

"Full power to the main terminal building was{}restored just before midnight and the airport is operating normally now," officials said in a release. {}

Power at the Charleston International Airport was supposed to be fed by generator until early Friday morning due to construction at the airport.

According to officials, the partial power outage began at 4 p.m. Thursday, but operations will continue as normal on generator power at the main terminal building.

Officials say incoming and outgoing flights as well as TSA checkpoints will not be affected by the outage. Lighting in parking areas will also be unaffected.

However, some food and beverage option will be cut until full power is restored, according to airport officials.

Officials said a power feed between the airport and an SCE&G meter on Thursday was cut during construction. As a result, the airport had to switch to backup power until the cut can be repaired.