Birth Place patient : 'I'm so grateful to the birth center'

By Valencia Wicker

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- For Rachel Taylor, becoming the mom of her first two children came with few roadblocks.

"Everything was very smooth," she said.

Taylor's oldest child was born at a hospital but her second was a natural birth at Charleston Birth Place. Once she and her husband found out they were expecting a third child, they agreed to do a second natural birth at Charleston Birth Place.

"Contractions were about six minutes apart," said Taylor. "And all of a sudden, I felt kind of a pop or I wasn't sure if my water had broken. But what it was- my placenta rupturing."

Taylor's husband rushed her to the birthing center where mid-wives were waiting on standby.

"It was very apparent at the moment she pulled into the parking lot that her and her baby's life was at risk," said Lesley Rathbun, owner of Charleston Birth Place and a mid-wife. "She was hemorrhaging."

Rathbun said she personally drove Taylor just a block away to the nearest hospital

"We texted Dr. Martin '911'," said Rathbun. "The office called the hospital and said open the OR and get anesthesia there. We need to do an emergency C-section."

In twelve minutes, Taylor became the mother of a baby boy.

"I'm so grateful to the birth center. I don't know what we would have done without them," she said.

Charleston Birth Place is one of only six birthing centers in the state. Taylor hopes legislation will not prevent the facility from offering a safe alternative to hospital births.

"You can't have the same experience in a hospital that you do at the birth place," Taylor said.{}

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