Charleston City Council approves bike-pedestrian lane over Ashley River

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- By a 7-5 vote, Charleston City Council approved a controversial bike/pedestrian path on the Legare Bridge over the Ashley River Tuesday night.

The path will reduce the number of driving lanes on the bridge from four to three.

"It's needed. The crossing over the bridge now is incomplete and in neglect. It's very dangerous to cross. I do it every day on a bike and it's very scary to do so," said biker Brent Wilkerson, who uses a small sidewalk to cross the bridge on his commute every day.

Council members who opposed the measure said they felt uncomfortable with the idea that users would have to travel to the West Ashley Greenway in order to access the path.

"I still don't see how these bicyclists on 17 and St. Andrews Boulevard, I see how they can get over{} to the south Windermere Center but I'm not sure that they will drive over there to get across the bridge down here," Councilman Bill Moody said.

Charleston County funds will pay for the new path. City officials expected more people to use the path than those who use that on the Ravenel Bridge, officials said Tuesday night.

The project will also dictate building an extra lane at the bottom of the bridge, where drivers exit on to Lockwood Drive or Bee Street.