Charleston City Police sweep awards

Pictured left to right are: Matthew J. Newcomb, J.P. Strom Award Winner/Director’s Physical Fitness Award, Chief Gregory Mullen, Sean M. Harkins, Class Leader Award and Ryan M. Jones, Clifford A. Moyer Marksmanship Award.

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Charleston City police prove they are best in their class.

The department made history Friday at a graduation ceremony at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.{} That's because city officers won every award presented at the ceremony.

Never has one agency taken everyaward for an Academy graduation.

Matthew J. Newcomb was presented withthe J.P. Strom Award. The J.P. Strom Award is given to the student with thehighest cumulative point total for all written tests given during the twelveweek training. This award is named after the long-time Chief of S.L.E.D. (SouthCarolina Law Enforcement Division).

Newcomb was also presented withthe Director's Physical Fitness Award. Every candidate participates in aPhysical Abilities Test, which consists of nine obstacles. This must becompleted in less than two minutes and seven seconds.{} Also, candidates must complete running thechallenge course of a three mile run in twenty-five minutes or less.

Ryan M. Jones was presented with theClifford A. Moyer Marksmanship Award. This award is named for the FirstDirector of the Criminal Justice Academy, and is given to the officer whoobtains the highest score during the handgun training on the firing ranges.

Sean M. Harkins was selected asthe class leader. Harkins displayed great leadership abilities in keeping theclass together and motivating them to endure the physical and emotional demandsof the required training.

City police chief Greg Mullen was on hand for the big win.

Chief Mullen gave all the credit to the fine men and women of the CharlestonPolice Department.{} "These outstandingmen and women are the beginning of the criminal justice process and we admiretheir dedication on this achievement," said Chief Mullen.

The class consisted of fortygraduates, who for the past twelve weeks have undergone intense trainingcovering such topics as criminal domestic violence, gangs and firearmsafety.


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