Charleston County Council questions funding for Folly Road

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) --{}While the sheriff's office got the approval to go ahead with a grant proposal for technology upgrades, plans to boost the investment at Camp and Folly roads will have to wait a while longer.

One of the busiest intersections in Charleston County gets some of the biggest complaints.{} Just ask drivers like Tassie Davis.

"Like around four o'clock, it's really bad. It gets backed up here. So, I really wish they could do something about it soon," said Davis.

But it could take longer to see any improvement. Thursday night's county finance committee meeting was anything but quiet.

"Ms. Johnson asked if it could be delayed. That was not a motion. Mr. Qualey said, 'No, we need to move forward,'" explained council chairman Teddie Pryor.

Some council members had questions about allocating money from the Maybank Highway project to future work at Folly and Camp roads.

"Well boys, I went to North Charleston High School, but that math don't make no sense," said councilman Elliott Summey.

He worries that the funding formula will leave the county on the hook for an extra $400,000, possibly halting progress after the project starts.

"We need to make sure that we're being responsible with people's tax dollars and we're not just allocating money and throwing good money after bad. We need to make sure that if we're going to do a project, we're going to see it to its completion," said Summey.

He agrees the road work needs to be done but says he wants to make sure there are no strings attached.{}

"If things remain as they are right now, I'm not going to support it until they tell us where the rest of the money is coming from. And for certain, that that money will complete the project," said Summey.

It's a necessary project for drivers like Tassie Davis.{}

"Would make a huge difference, especially for those who live on James Island," said Davis.

Some of the money for both projects is coming from the half-cent sales tax. The decision to re-allocate that $15 million will be talked about at next Tuesday's council meeting.