Weekend warrant blitz nets Charleston deputies 16 arrests in Hollywood, Ravenel

By Gregory{}

RAVENEL, S.C. (WCIV) - Ravenel and Hollywood may be small towns, but authorities say they've become hot spots for crime. That's why Charleston County Sheriff's deputies made their presence known over the weekend with a crime crackdown.

Over the weekend, deputies attempted to serve 98 outstanding warrants for crimes ranging from alcohol to domestic violence.

Sgt. Fletcher Ferguson has been in law enforcement for 11 years, and he says serving warrants often leads to solving bigger crimes.

"When we serve warrants sometimes we then get information from those people that lead us to solving other more serious crimes," said Ferguson.

Ferguson and a group of four other deputies were responsible for serving 13 of those warrants over the weekend.

"Serving warrants isn't all about just the arrests," said Ferguson. "It's also about showing our presence in the community, letting them know we are here and we care."

On Saturday night, Ferguson's group made one arrest, but their mission to serve warrants continued into Sunday.

"Lots of times some of the addresses are old or people move especially being way out here. We just keep on checking them off the list, update our system and wait until we get more intel," said Ferguson.

During the community warrant sweep, Charleston County deputies served 33 warrants and made 16 arrests.