Charleston County EMS chief evaluates storm response

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- As life returned to normal Thursday afternoon for the Lowcountry after the week's winter storm, one of the men involved in keeping the city safe weighed in on how it performed.

"We did have a plan.{} And it went off without a hitch," said Don Lundy, Charleston County EMS Director.

He said this week's winter blast didn't keep emergency responders from doing their jobs. With seven area bridges closed because of the bad weather, medical help was still available.

"We had ice on many, many roads that made it impassible. We had patients that needed to get from point A to point B. A lot of people were involved to make that happen and I'd have to say we did a tremendous job," said Lundy.

He explained that manpower was doubled up at stations across the county. They closely followed the forecast, and made arrangements to take patients to the nearest healthcare facility.

"If you had to go to a hospital that you had to cross, for example the Cooper River Bridge, you simply didn't go. You simply went to a closer hospital that was certainly qualified to get the job done," said the longtime EMS director.

While he credits Charleston County leaders for having a reliable storm plan, he also recognizes drivers for being extra careful.

"Tip of the hat to citizens who took the warning seriously and got home and got their kids safe.{} And stayed at home during the storm.{} I think without that, we would've really been in trouble," said Lundy.

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