Charleston County EMS gets new ambulances

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston County EMS is rolling out six new ambulances in its fleet, and two more on the way.{}

The new trucks have improved safety measures both inside and out, according to officials. One of the primary things that distinguish the new ambulances from the old are the corners inside the cabin. Older vehicles have padding on the walls and counters, but also have exposed corners. The new trucks have more rounded edges, reducing risk of injury while treating patients on the go.{}Drivers outside of the ambulances will most notice the new paint scheme. The trucks now come equipped with a yellow checkered exterior. The new scheme is designed to grab the driver's eye and make them aware of the ambulance.{}"Our goal is to make sure that when our people come to work they leave with the same amount of injuries," Charleston County EMS Director Don Lundy said. "Hopefully they come in with no injuries, so we want them completely safe."{}Lundy said the trucks are much safer than before, but they are still working on a system to strap the first responders into the vehicle while it's in motion. Their goal is to have them strapped in enough to be able to reach about 80 percent of a patient riding in the back.{}Each new fully equipped ambulance cost the county about $189,000. {}