Charleston County Expands Single Stream Recycling Program

Provided:Charleston County's Environmental Management Department is expanding the single stream residential recycling program again to further efforts to make recycling more convenient for residents.Beginning Monday, Oct. 22, residents of the neighborhoods selected for Phase IV will receive 95-gallon roll carts. Phase IV neighborhoods, totaling 19,000 homes, are located in Mount Pleasant, James Island, North Charleston, West Ashley and the Isle of Palms. Charleston County recycling crews will begin collection using the new method on Monday, Oct. 29 (collection days will remain the same). Residents are encouraged to retain their smaller recycling bins for use as recycling stations around their home, or they may stack their old, empty bins at the curb for pickup on the first day their new roll cart is serviced. In January 2011, Environmental Management launched an automated, residential single stream recycling pilot called "All-In-One." Based on the success of the pilot, which showed higher participation rates and a significant increase in the amount of tons collected, the department has been incrementally expanding this program across the County."With each expansion of the County's All-In-One residential recycling program, we continue to see an increase in recycling participation and the amount of recyclable materials set-out at the curb," said Charleston County Councilmember Anna Johnson, who chairs Council's Recycling/Solid Waste Committee. "This important program is a key component to reaching County Council's 40% recycling goal and extending the life of our landfill."The County is currently in the process of transitioning from operating a dual stream recycling system, whereby residents separate their recyclables into two bins, to a single stream recycling system, which utilizes one 95-gallon roll cart. Collections personnel service All-In-One carts using an automated truck equipped with a mechanical arm to lift and empty the roll carts at the curb. Because the driver does not have to exit the vehicle and repeatedly lift heavy bins, the process is faster, more cost-effective and safer operationally. The automated collection system encourages residents to place all paper products (including cardboard) and all commingled containers (plastics, glass, aluminum and steel) together in their new roll-cart. This "All-In-One" process is known as single stream recycling.For more information on the single stream residential recycling, contact the Charleston County Environmental Management Department at (843) 720-7111, or visit