Charleston county transfers I-526 project to SCDOT

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston county is now officially off the hook for the I-526 project.

Charleston county council voted

The State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) voted to transfer control of the project from Charleston County to the South Carolina Department of Transportation last Thursday.

Charleston County council members approved the reassignment at their meeting Tuesday night.

The change removes Charleston County from any financial or legal liability in the I-526 project that has been heavily debated for more than three decades.

""So the county gets to walk away from a project that we couldn't come to any consensus on and quite honestly get ourselves out of a bad contract. The county never belonged in this project. We don't build interstates; we build county roads and state roads," said Councilman Elliott Summey.

Summey said he hopes the SCDOT scraps the previous plans for the 526 extension project and goes back to the drawing board.

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