Charleston County's sheriff arrested for face slapping incident

This was Timothy McManus being released back in July for the charges involved in the chase. He was arrested again Monday and released Tuesday afternoon. (FILE)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon was arrested and booked Tuesday at the detention center that bears his own name.

Cannon was charged by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) with assault and battery in the third degree. Earlier this year Cannon admitted to slapping an arrested man.

Timothy McManus led deputies and Sheriff Cannon on a high speed chase on January 30th. After using stop sticks and shooting the tires of McManus' vehicle, he was stopped, arrested and placed in the back of a deputy's vehicle. Sheriff Cannon claims he went up to him and slapped him with an open hand.

When Cannon made the admission he says he let his emotions get the best of him. Tuesday, the Sixteenth Circuit Solicitor's Office first announced the recommendations to charge Cannon.

The sheriff held a press conference Tuesday afternoon in response to the recommendation made.

"I accept full responsibility for having committed that act and I apologize to the public I apologize to people in the sheriff's office and in law enforcement because you know I'm expected to set the example and I failed to do so in that act," Cannon said.

During the press conference Cannon said he had no intention of resigning.

"I have, from the very onset, acknowledged, and publicized the fact that I slapped McManus while he was sitting in the police vehicle-- after we had him in handcuffs. That was inappropriate, its especially inappropriate for the head of a law enforcement team to act in such a manner. That act set in motion a number of events and problems for a whole host of people."

SLED officials say Cannon was later booked and fingerprinted at the jail. Officials say he went before a bond court judge at 7 p.m. and received a $1,092 Personal Recognizance (PR) bond and was released.

Around the same time Sheriff Cannon was being processed at the jail, Timothy McManus was being released. McManus bonded out of jail Tuesday afternoon following his Monday arrest.

Charleston County deputies arrested McManus again Monday around 6:30 a.m. when they say they found him asleep behind the wheel of a car near Six Mile Road in Mt. Pleasant. He was charged with driving under suspension. Officials say McManus should not have been driving.