Charleston district Army Corps prepares for sequester cuts

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) President Barack Obama said he doesn't agree with the choice Congress is making by not resolving the sequester.

The March 1 deadline passed and now begins the wait for government employees who don't know what's next for them.

"If we get limited both by time and money in this district both by budgets and the time that our employees are paid to work, it limits our ability to deliver for the current contracts and projects," said Col. Ed Chamberlayne, District Commander for the Charleston district Army Corps of Engineers.

He said 250 local army corps employees are facing a 20 percent{}reduction in pay through furloughs in addition to budget cuts.

"The work that we perform in this district is not centrally funded. It's funded by the customers that we support and so when those budgets are cut, our workload is cut," said Chamberlayne.

Chamberlayne said the army corps is responsible for multiple state wide civil works and construction projects.

"The most obvious thing people know us for is the Charleston Harbor both the annual maintenance, the dredging that we do there and the harbor deepening study," said Chamberlayne.

He said the sequester could mean it will take longer to finish projects they've already started.

"There will be some projects that are delayed and there will be some projects and activities that this district is known for that will be canceled," said Chamberlayne.

Another delay the corps could face is how quickly it can issue permits to business wanting to build near water. Chamberlayne said furloughs might mean a shorter work week to work on those kinds of regulation projects.

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