Charleston donations arrive to New Jersey

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Around 7p.m. Tuesday, 28 pallets of survival donations were delivered to New Jersey from the Charleston Metro Area.

"We are talking 1 and a half 53 foot trucking containers. Basically you see a big semi and a half of those," said Steve Priola, co-owner of Med One Lowcountry Medical Transport and operator of Operation Southern Hospitality.

"It was a really, really humbling experience seeing these people from the community coming up and going 'hey can I come out? Can I help?'," Priola said.

Here's a list of what was dropped off:

Water and drinks: 5 pallets

Canned goods: 4 pallets

Cleaning supplies: 3 pallets

Dry food goods: 2 pallets

Baby goods: 4 pallets

First aid/personal care: 2 pallets

Paper products: 8 pallets

Priola says aside from the whirlwind of donations, the volunteers made the operation worthwhile. A prime example was a woman named Barbara Raskin, an out-of-town volunteer. {}

"She found out what we were doing. She came from where she lives and she rented a hotel room and she was here every day with us since day one," Priola said. "I'd say about 8 days straight. She was a gal who was at ground zero so, she knows what its like to get people to come up, come together and do volunteering."

Operation Southern Hospitality received so many donations, some of the summer items and toys will be given to local charities.

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