Charleston Educator Symposium in full swing

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Tuesday marked day two for the 3rd annual Charleston Educator Symposium. {}It's a three-day event that attracts educational leaders from across the state and the country. {}"This conference gives teachers an opportunity to come together, reflect and renew for the coming year," Anita Huggins said. "They think about what went well, what needs tweaking, and come together with their peers for inspiration and rejuvenation." {}Speaking Tuesday was national teacher of the year Rebecca Mielwocki. Among other things, she spoke about the importance of test scores but how they shouldn't limit the measures of success.{}"Sometimes the easiest way to figure out if a school is affective is some numerical measure and tests scores fall into that," {}Mielwocki said. "So it's easy to say that we can some up efforts of a school or teacher with a number. But, I remind teachers that test scores are important part of a kid's life and year and are information we can use to grow as educators. But, it's not where your power lies. {}As a teacher your job is to prepare a kid for their whole life and to help them become good human beings." {}