Charleston police issue list of road closures due to flooding

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Heavy rains pounded the area Wednesday just around rush hour, leaving downtown Charleston a flooded mess. Those who braved downtown traffic probably wish they had a boat.

For several hours, police directed traffic and set up road closures throughout downtown.

"It kind of gets in the way of your day when you're trying to go places and there's just water and you can't drive through it," said Joseph Curtis who was hoping for sunnier weather.

Some drivers took a chance, driving through the high-standing water on many of the roads.

"We just saw a Chevy and Mercedes stuck in the water," said Curtis.

The road closures created bumper to bumper traffic.

"It took me about an hour and a half to get here, and I live in West Ashley--so four or five miles took an hour and a half," said valet parker, Chris Dinapoli.

Dinapoli, witnessed mother nature take out part of a Wolfe Street building.

"It kind of sounded like a big crack of thunder, and I turned towards it--we saw the building just kind of crumbling," said Dinapoli.

For out of towners--The Holy City's flooding is an experience they won't soon forget.

"I'm from New Jersey. This is like real different from what I'm used to," said Phil Galiardo.

The Charleston County Rescue Squad was called out to be on standby Wednesday. A spokesperson for the agency says they did help at least one person trapped in a vehicle.

Charleston police said the following intersections have flashing traffic lights: Brigaide/Morrison and Mt. Pleasant/Rutledge.

According to Charleston police, the following areas were flooded and impassable:

America, Amherst to South impassible

All of Market St impassible

5th and Fiall impassible

Rutledge/Fishburne impassible

Gordon from Rutledge to 12th impassible

Crosstown blocked at President heading North with barricades

Huger and King Street multiple vehicles blocking intersection

Ashley & Fishburne closed, multiple vehicles stuck

Ashley and Bennett

Calhoun- Bull to Smith

America between Cooper and Lee

N. Market between E. Bay and Concord requesting barricades due to flooding into restaurants

Ashley- Wentworth to Calhoun impassible

Crosstown- Northbound lanes #2 and #3 impassible, Lane #1 open

Church and Market Flooded, barricades requested at Cumberland

Calhoun at Concord

Beufain to Rutledge to Coming

Blocking off Coming north of Wentworth

Meeting & Huger Hampton Ct/Huger