Flooding problems plague Charleston streets in rain

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Charleston Police Department on Wednesday issued a list of closed intersections due to flooding from the day's heavy storms, many of which were common problem areas for residents.

While the waters receded with the tide and the storm's progression out of the Charleston area, it still left many people stranded with flooded cars or roadways.

For several hours, the Crosstown was completely impassable or operating with only one lane. North Charleston police also reported issued at the off-ramp from Interstate 26 to Spruill Avenue, which caused problems on smaller streets in that area.

In all, more than a dozen intersections were rendered impassable by the flooding, including two intersections in which manhole covers became dislodged.

The flooded streets caused many commuters to spill into already congested roadways, which backed up traffic. Social media exploded with complaints on traffic issues. While some users bemoaned being stuck trying to get on to I-26 for over an hour, others complained of being stuck in a parking garage for nearly the same amount of time.

To complicate problems, commuters heading from downtown Charleston into Mount Pleasant were forced to slow down by a car that caught fire at the top of the Ravenel Bridge.

By the evening, most of the flood waters had receded to make the troubled intersections passable.

More rains are expected Thursday.