Charleston police, sheriff's office launch new smartphone app

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston's police department and sheriff's office released this week new smartphone apps for people to easier communicate with law enforcement.

And both apps are free.

The apps can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or the Android store by searching for the agency.

"Though the App allow users to easily submit crime tips to the Sheriff's Office, those using this feature should always remember that this does not replace calling 911 in an emergency and should not be used to dispatch a deputy or officer to a call for assistance," a release from the sheriff's office reads.

Both apps let users provide information to the agencies. With the apps, users can send anonymous tips, commend officers, submit feedback and questions, find phone numbers, get push notifications of important alerts, and view social media feeds from both departments.

There are also crime update pages to see details on crimes around the city and county.

"We're pleased to provide this smart phone app to our citizens," Chief Greg Mullen said. "It's easy to use and solely built for our citizens. I believe in using all available opportunities to stay engaged with our citizens and keeping them informed."

The sheriff's office provided this information on tips:

Appropriate Tips:

  • Provide information about drug dealers in your neighborhood
  • Provide information about a wanted individual
  • Provide information on a crime that patrol officers or detectives may need

Inappropriate Tips:

  • Report an emergency
  • Report a reckless or suspected drunk driver
  • Report a domestic dispute
  • Report any issue that needs immediate officer assistance