Charleston runs for Boston Marathon bombing victims

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) It was a silent start -{}26 seconds of silence to remember the three lives lost and hundreds injured on Marathon Monday in Boston.

"I woke up on Tuesday morning after the tragedy on Monday and I really just wanted to just do something," said organizer, Adrienne Levy.{} Levy took to social media to encourage a few friends to come out for a quick run, but the idea quickly spread.

"When they found out I was doing this and they found out how big the race had gotten, so many people stepped up to make donations, its been amazing," said Levy.

Among the runners in the crowd were those who ran in the Boston Marathon, some who didn't finish and one who did.

"It was a horrible tragedy. It ruins of course the lives of many thousands of people.{} The fact is in Boston, after race is really the best part.{} And of course that was ruined for everybody this year," said Bill Rowell who was running the marathon for the second time last week. Even though he finished the race, he was thankful for the opportunity to run again.{}

"Just to show support for the people of Boston and for runners everywhere, I'm so happy that the organizers put this on," said Rowell.

It was through a sea of Red Socks baseball caps, jerseys and bandanas that James Smith crossed the finish line.

"My son has always told me that Charleston is the Boston of the South," he said.{}

Smith said his daughter ran the Boston marathon eight years in a row.{}

"She was able to text me that she was safe.{} I found out after the fact that she was at the finish line during the explosion and was scared by it and moved with the crowd away from there as quickly as possible," said Smith.

Organizers estimate 700 people participated in the run for Boston, which was nearly double what was expected just a day before on Saturday.

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