Chef Judy: Filet mignon wrapped in bacon served up with Samp

Soak overnight in 4 cups boiled water, 1 cup of beans and 2 cups of hominy.

Rinse out the old liquid in the morning and fill back with 4 cups of fresh hot water. Boil on med-low for 2 hours or until soft (adding more water as needed just to cover the top of the mixture) stirring occasionally to keep from sticking on the bottom.

Heat up in a stock pot or any deep pot will work 3T olive oil, 2T butter and brown 2 whole sliced onions.{}

Add 1t fresh ginger and garlic paste, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 anise star, 2 cardamon pods, 1 stick thyme, 1 whole diced tomato, 2T chopped fresh cilantro steam and all, 2T of curry powder or paprika for the not so spicy eaters.

Allow the spices to marry (you want them to toast a little which brings out the flavors) with the other ingredients before you add the Samp.

Season with salt and pepper.

Cook for 3-5 mins until you have a thick rich sauce and serve it up!

For the Filet Mignon -- all you do is heat up your pan with a touch of oil and sear on both sides for 4 minutes a piece depending on how thick your meat is and serve it up!