Cherokee Nation: Veronica is OK

TULSA, Okla. (WCIV) -- Veronica is not in danger.

That's the message Tuesday night from the Cherokee Nation in the adoption battle between Matt and Melanie Capobianco, the adoptive parents, and Dusten Brown, the almost-4-year-old's birth father.

The Capobiancos were set to meet with Veronica and her biological family on Sunday, but only the James Island couple and their court appointed psychologist showed up.

The meeting was part of a court-ordered transition to reacquaint Veronica with her adoptive parents.

Since Veronica was not brought to the meeting, a Charleston judge ordered her to be immediately given to the James Island family.

On Tuesday, the assistant attorney general for the Cherokee Nation spoke with an ABC affiliate in Oklahoma about the incident and talked about what's next in the custody battle.

"To insinuate that he is breaking the law or that he is endangering this child is false and harmful for everyone involved," said Chrissi Nimmo. "We continue to support Dusten in his effort to keep Veronica."

Nimmo added that despite the urgency of Monday's order, Brown has 20 days to request a hearing in response to the decision for immediate transfer by the judge.