Child safety measures have parents pleased at this year's fair

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) - It's opening day at the Coastal Carolina Fair and already safety changes including a newchild loss prevention program seem to be a hit.

"It was a wonderful idea broughtto us by the county sheriff; it's been a very popular thing as you can noticeout here with out here. It's a great idea we still have the tag system overthere that they can use, too. So it's a two-way check," said Joe Bolchoz, themedia chairman for the fair.

He says parents are respondingaccordingly.

"It's an excellent idea, I meanwith all the gadgets we have and cell phones and iPads and Facebook everything,I mean it makes sense," said mother of two Sybil Nelson.

Bolchoz says they are alsocontinuing the green wrist bands with the parents telephone number on it.

"I think it's a great idea. Younever want to have that nightmare moment when you can't find your children. Withthis each child gets a wrist band," said Nelson.

"That's awesome you know, it'sright there so you have it when you need it," said parent Shalon Wigfall.

There is no cost for any of thechild safety programs at the Coastal Carolina Fair.