Children recovering, 3 still hospitalized after hit & run

Dorothy Jackson (Provided)

By Eric

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The SC Highway Patrol continues to look into a hit-and-run accident that sent four children to the hospital. The four were hit outside of a home in Summerville, Saturday night.

The person who did it, officials say, just kept driving.

Three of the four children remain at MUSC. We're told by their parents they're all awake, and they've been talking to each other. Still, they say their road to recovery is going to be a long one.

According to investigators, the children were hit late Saturday, it was about 11:30 p.m.

Their parents tell us the kids snuck out of the house on Paddock Way, in a Sangaree subdivision. Then just moments later, Jim Hopkins the father of the victims, was woken up to what he calls complete chaos.

"They were lying all over the street, I didn't know what was happening," Hopkins said. "There were just people everywhere."

Sydney Hopkins, age 10, her brother and sister and their friend, had just been struck by what Sydney says was a silver car.

"I heard a lot of tires stopping and we all saw headlights and we started running," she said. "The car just came fast and crashed into a mailbox, and just hit us."

Sydney was up and walking Monday, for the first time since the accident. She came away with cuts and scrapes but has been released from MUSC. Her 14-year-old sister Dorothy has more serious injuries, a fractured skull, a broken pelvis and other fractures.Their 13-year-old brother Evan also remains hospitalized.

"It's terrible, I can't believe someone just took off like that," Jim Hopkins said. "That's crazy to keep going."

"I just can't believe anybody would do what they did to these kids," said Tracey Hopkins, the victims' mother.

Sydney remembers the driver hit her with the front of the car, but everything else is foggy. She says her next memory is in the hospital.

"It's horrible," said Tracey. "You don't want to see your kids in pain, you don't want to see your kids in pain."

It's not exactly clear when the children will be discharged. The Hopkins say they underwent a series of operations and will likely have to go through physical therapy.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's office says it has no record of prior accidents in the Sangaree subdivision, where the children were hit.

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