Children's author visits 'A Day in the Deep'

By Amy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Kevin Kurtz, author of "A Day in the Salt Marsh" and "A Day on the Mountain," is poised to release a third children's book, "A Day in the Deep."

It will be released by Mount Pleasant's Sylvan Dell Publishing in 2013. Kurtz takes readers young and old deep below the ocean's surface all the way to the ocean floor.

"There are some very bizarre animals that live in the deep ocean," Kurtz said on Lowcountry Live. "Some that are new to science," he said.

Kurtz explained that his love for both books and nature began when he was a child growing up in upstate New York. As an adult, he embarked on a career working in a marine biology laboratory.

Since then, Kurtz has worked as an environmental educator and curriculum writer for organizations such as the South Carolina Aquarium, the Center for Birds of Prey, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and the South Carolina Marine Educators Association.

Kurtz also regularly visits South Carolina schools to talk to students about writing and the science behind his books.