Children's museum welcomes one millionth visitor

(John Gaddy/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Children's Museum of the Lowcountry erupted into celebration Wednesday with a big parade and party complete with confetti.One lucky little girl walked through the doors as the one millionth visitor to the CML. Visitors have been counted since the museum opened in September 2003.Four-year-old Emmi Cence was part of a school group visiting the Ann Street museum. She won a bag of goodies full of books, games and prizes. She also got a lifetime membership so that her and her family can visit the museum for free "forever.""Our attendance is growing every year," said CML Executive Director Denis Chirles. "We're going to be here for a long time and we look forward to celebrating our two millionth visitor in a few years."Chirles said that with hands-on and interactive exhibits, children and parents can come in and learn together using the power of play.Emmi, who attends Saint Andrews Day School, said her favorite part of the museum was the fun games she could play with her friends and she said she also liked the castles.

Because she is now a lifetime member, CML officials said she can not only play for free anytime she wants, but when she grows up she can bring her children and grand children to the museum for free as well.


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