Chris and Jae's story

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - Jae Seabrook has watched his weight go up and down. He struggled with the loss of his mother at the age of ten only to be crushed again a few years later.

"My grandmother, she's the person who raised me since I was a little kid, and a few years ago she had a stroke," he said.

The 19-year-old tried to take his life in stride, but admits weight got the best of him.

"I'd gotten so used to it I didn't care at that point," he said.

Then he met Chris.

"When I first met him, what he did was bury himself in food and books," Chris said.

Chris turned Jae's love of the library into exercise.

"At that point in time, it was just getting from A to B. Just any type of goals we could do to get him out exercising and get an excuse to get off the couch," Chris said.

That's when the actual state of Jae's physical condition sank in.

"While I was exercising I started figuring out how out of shape I was. It's one thing to actually see you're out of shape.{}It's another to actually feel that you're out of shape," he said.

The two first started taking walks together. Eventually that turned into running.

"I wanted to stop almost immediately after starting. My legs started hurting; my shoulders, just everything," Jae said. "If you can imagine carrying around 100-pound weights in each one of your hands and trying to move, you can imagine it would be very difficult."

But Jae pushed through the pain.

"By the time we were done, we ended up running the bridge run and then he ended up being on the football , baseball and soccer team that year his senior year," Chris said. "To watch someone grow like that who's had it so much more difficult than I've ever imagined having it is pretty amazing to watch."

Then Jae scored nearly 1500 on his SAT and was off to college. But college life came with a setback - during his freshman year, Jae regained all the weight he'd lost.

"I think it was a large amount of laziness and just distractions," he said.

But he's not throwing in the towel just yet. He's back in the gym trying to work off the hardships and accept the losses in his life, hoping he can change what he can.

"It still gives me problems sometimes, I must admit," he said. "There is no quick fix. The only fix is the you fixing yourself."