Chris McGuiness reflects on 2 weeks in the Majors

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Just a month removed from his two-week stint in the major leagues, James Island native Chris McGuiness is home for three days of rest and relaxation for the Triple-A All Star break.{}

"I'll just do all the things I enjoy in Charleston.{} I'll hang out with family and friends, kick my feet back, get baseball off my mind. I've got six weeks left so I'll try and finish strong," said McGuiness at the Charleston International Airport on Monday.{}

As he picks up his bags from the carousel, McGuiness has one memory stowed away in his mind that will never go away.{}

"Doing that since I was a kid, to get that call, realize your dreams are coming true, it's hard to put into words," he said.{}

Wherever he goes, whatever he does, James Island's own can say he cracked the bigs.

"You're in awe for a while. The names, the guys you watch growing up, you take it in. You're not at the same level as them but you are there to do the same job they are. You have superstars, other than that, it's the same game. They made me feel welcome, being there like I was one of them," McGuiness said.{}

A pretty cool moment for McGuiness at another airport, Logan Airport in Boston on the day he was called up. McGuiness got to share the memory with his very close friend and Citadel teammate Richard Jones. {}{}

"I couldn't tell anyone, so I told him that morning at 5 a.m. I got on the plane. I got off the plane in Boston and he had texted me and said he'll be waiting at baggage claim. Never thought he'd be there in a million years," he said.

The two rode a cab together to Fenway Park, took pictures, enjoyed the moment together.{} McGuiness didn't get into the game that night, but he did make his debut the next day in Toronto and then got his first hits later that weekend north of the border.{}

"Yea, that was my best day up there. Getting my first hit, then another hit that day and a pie in the face, it really felt like I was part of the team which was nice," McGuiness said.{}

The stint didn't last forever, it only lasted two weeks.{}

"It was a big life change to see all the things they experience, you can get used to it real quick. I knew it was a small timeframe, I had a window to do my job. Getting sent down stinks but at the same time, I wasn't blindsided, I knew it would happen," he said.

He got a taste, but Chris McGuiness is still hungry. He wants more, but first, he'll take three days of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation to reflect on one whirlwind of a first half.{}