Christmas tree sales on the rise?

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - The last few years have proven to be bad years for live Christmas tree sellers. But, with more folks in the spirit of{}Christmas, could this be the comeback year?

"Three years ago I decided, you know, why not try to sell Christmas trees? And, it's taken off," said Herman Ray, co-owner of A Time To Remember Christmas Tree Farm.

"Ray and Darrell McCormick started their business just in time for the great recession. After 3 years of hard work, Ray says this year could be their best year yet.

"Last year, we started selling Christmas trees about this time. This year, we started on the 19th. So, people are buying their trees earlier and earlier each year it seems like," Ray said.

The week after Thanksgiving is usually the biggest time of the year for Christmas tree sales. This year is no different.

"We've done 50 percent more the week after than the week before easily," said McCormick.

This year, the increase in sales has changed. Already, A Time To Remember has sold more trees in the last few weeks than they did last year combined.

"A hundred and 50 percent more," McCormick said.

Store owners say they are also seeing more people stop by on a daily basis.

"30, 40, 50 Everybody buys a tree that comes here," said Ray.

Last year, McCormick says he sold about 300 Christmas trees. He says this year they could at least double that amount.