Chuck Reedy credited with decade of change at Goose Creek

(Scott Eisberg/WCIV)

By Scott Eisberg


GOOSE CREEK S.C. (WCIV) -- On Saturday the Goose Creek Gators will play for a state title against Greenwood.

What a trip it has been for Head Coach Chuck Reedy. Thirty years after coaching Clemson to a national title, Reedy is returning to Death Valley.

The memories of Clemson still hang on Chuck Reedy's wall, but sentiment is not highlighting his trip back to Memorial Stadium.

"I pull for one team, Goose Creek High School," Reedy said. "I had twelve great years at Clemson, but Goose Creek is where my heart is."

Reedy certainly has been loyal. Ten years ago, he was a former Clemson offensive coordinator and Baylor Head Coach. Then he took over a 0-11 team, with a plan.

In 2002 Reedy told Sports 4 -- "I decided I want to do something with my life. Hopefully, have an impact on some young people, or in this case an opportunity not just with this football team, but with this school."

A decade later, he has kept his word.

"He turned it from dust to home baby," said senior Mike Myers. "I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Chuck Reedy is like a father to me."

Reedy says its all about a philosophy that he never deviated from. Progress has never been more apparent than on the field. Goose Creek has improved as a team on the field all 10 years that he has been there. If a trophy is hoisted by the Gators on Saturday afternoon, Reedy will not do it alone.

"10 years ago, we set three goals. Build pride in the football team, the school and the community," Reedy said. "Now, to see the pride the community has in this team, it's just overwhelming. I think it's amazing what football can do to a community and bring it together. Certainly we have the opportunity to do that."

All of this, because of one man's vision.