Church ready to rebuild youth center after fire

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Church leaders for Faith Assembly of God in North Charleston said they are thankful someone called in the fire when they did because it could have easily spread to other buildings.

"There's a hole right here and there's a hole through the roof," said Children's Director Johnathan Siebert. {}

Siebert said the inside of the Faith Assembly of God Youth center tells another story of what happened Friday night.

"The fire seems to have started from the closet back there. That's where the hole in the ceiling is and that's just the fire departments initial guess," said Siebert. {}

Siebert was out of town when the fire department responded to the building Friday evening. He said no one was hurt but the inside looks to be completely destroyed.{}

"The fire was isolated to just this building, but it will affect our day-to-day operations here at the church until we have our plan completely figured out. In the meantime the children have no place to go," said Siebert. {}{}

Puddles of water sit in the seats where{}the congregation would{}usually find little bodies eagerly paying attention. The children will now sit with their parents for the adult service.

Parents like Michael Acree said they support whatever new changes will come to the youth center. He said they look forward to the day it will re-open.

"I have a 9- and a 10-year-old in the youth church back there and they come after service each week and they are very excited about the things they have done," said Acree. {}

Siebert said it could've been an electrical fire because they are attempting to overhaul the children's facility and other buildings, but fire investigators have not confirmed how it started.

"We're looking at it as an opportunity. It's an opportunity for new things, new beginnings, fresh starts, and we know only good can come out of this," said Siebert. {}

The church expects the insurance adjuster to{}visit the church{}this week to let them know if the building is a total loss.