Church's plans to rebuild put on hold

ST. STEPHEN, S.C. (WCIV) - It's been more than two years since a tornado destroyed a small congregation's church. Over the past year, the framework for a new church has risen, but the work currently is placed on hold.

Pastor Walter Jackson says they have already run out of money to complete the church.

"Some members are anxious and can't understand why were not further, but between the work situation and finances, I think we've been doing great. The lord has been good to us," he said.

He says the community has poured in support to make the rebuild happen. Right now they are currently applying for loans to complete what he estimates to be a $1.1-million project.

"We are not so much discouraged or dismayed about where we are," he said.

As for the church itself, Jackson says it will have the same foot print but will better service the ministry needs of today. He also notes that the church will appear more cathedral like and will have a steeple and a clock.

"We're acknowledging God's presence and seeking to be sure that what were doing is in his will and we believe that it is. The congregation is getting stronger. A little devastated when first happened but getting better about it now," he said.

The congregation has grown in size since the tornado struck the church. It is about 100 members strong.

Jackson says if anyone would like to donate to the church to contact the business office. The phone number is (843) 567-2388.