Cinebarre Batman fans say they're not afraid

By Lia

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was a different mood that swept over the Mount Pleasant Cinebarre Friday morning following a sold-out midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises.

Only a handful of folks came out to see the first showing of the day after what unfolded at the Aurora movie theater.

General Manager, Kris Keisling, says everyone's thoughts are with the family of the victims and that community. He does say, however, the movie theater itself should not be held responsible.

"I think something like this could have happened in a variety of situations. I don't think it should be associated with movie theaters in general. I don't think it should be associated with the Dark Knight movie at all."

Those who came shared their initial reaction to hearing the news.

"Columbine all over again," Ross Bon said, who came with his young son. "I don't know why people choose to do the things they do, but we are not going to let it keep us locked in doors."

Omar Griffith said he just wants to know what could trigger a person to want to commit such tragedy.

"What hurts me the most is that I have a son, and they said the youngest person hurt was a three-month-old baby. That really shocked me," he said.

Officials with the City of Charleston Police Department, Mount Pleasant Police Department and North Charleston Police Department confirmed there would be an increased presence in movie theater areas.

Keisling said his theater staff is always on the lookout.

"Being an eatery, we pay close attention to what's going on in the theaters. From our aspect, this doesn't change anything."

There is concern that this movie, being the most highly-anticipated movie of the summer, will unfortunately be always tied to the Aurora shooting.

Keisling believes it will still hold strong in the box office.

"It's an isolated incident," he said.