Citadel board meets to discuss lawsuit, contractual issues

Board members discuss issues before going into executive session on Tuesday. (Natalie Caula/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Citadel Board of Visitors met on Tuesday to discuss contractual matters that relate to the hiring of an external firm called to investigate the college's management of recent issues.

After meeting for about six hours in executive session, what was specifically discussed was not revealed to the media.

"I can't really speak to the specifics of what was covered," stated Colonel Douglas Snyder, chair of the Citadel board of visitors.{} "They were all complex legal matters we had to go through in executive session."

Board members discussed legal matters related to a suit filed last week against the college and another former Citadel summer camp counselor -- Michael Arpaio.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday in Charleston County. It alleges Arpaio committed physical and sexual abuse in there separate incidents.

Snyder{}said board members addressed contractual matters with a potential external consultants.{} However, they{}decided to rely on the attorney general's office for help instead.

"We want to work with the attorney general's office because as we go through this it's important that we are accountable, transparent, and certainly independent.{} I believe going through the attorney general's office gives us more independence than our board paying for a private firm to do an independent investigation," stated Snyder.

SLED is now investigating the Skip ReVille case. Reville was a former camp counselor at the college.{} Snyder said the board did not discuss personell matters inside the board meeting.

"We stand by and have full faith in Lt. General Rosa and his leadership team," stated Snyder.{} "We're asking you to be patient and don't rush to judgment," Snyder said. "...We're very thrilled the attorney general will help us choose the external panel to help us investigate. We thought it was important it was a state agency and that we had so say so in who was selected."


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