Citadel cadet lodges complaint over alleged strip search

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A former cadet at The Citadel filed an assault complaint against her commanding officer with campus police as a result of a strip-search incident in her dormitory on Friday.

Jordyn Renee Jackson, a 19-year-old student at the military college in downtown Charleston, filed the complaint Monday. She was accompanied by Donald McClune, her attorney in the matter, and the mother of another student/

The Citadel said in a statement that Jackson was no longer a student, adding that an internal investigation was taking place.

"At The Citadel we treat with the utmost seriousness all claims of improper treatment of cadets.{} The investigation into allegations made by a former cadet, Jordyn Jackson, was begun by the college's Office of Public Safety," said Vice President of External Affairs Dr. Jeffrey Perez.

Perez added that no one named in the campus police report had been arrested.

According to the report, Jackson told police that the incident happened Friday evening after she had returned to her room from parade formation. She said she was in the process of hanging Citadel blankets with her roommates when a male human affairs cadet entered her room and asked her to wait for a ranking officer and member of the commandant's office.

When the ranking officer arrived, he asked Jackson and her roommates what they were doing. He also asked about a smell coming from the room, the report states, and then searched Jackson's dresser. The senior officer, the report shows, is 45 years Jackson's elder.

The report does not give details about what smell the officer was referencing.

One of the cadets with the senior officer suggested searching Jackson's person, which led to the senior officer telling Jackson to remove her jacket. Because she was not wearing anything underneath, the men in the room stepped outside and waiting on one of Jackson's roommates to carry the jacket outside the room, the report states.

Then the officer and another male cadet returned and told Jackson to take off her pants. The report shows that Jackson was wearing compression pants underneath the dress pants. A female cadet entered the room and had Jackson take off the compression pants and push down her underwear while the men waited outside the room again.

Jackson told campus police that she called the mother of a classmate, seeking a place to stay off campus after the incident, according to the report.


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