Citadel graduate, WWII vet dead at 93

By Ava Wilhite

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) {}The Lowcountry lost a long-time public servant at World War II veteran this week. Bernard Warshaw died at the age of 93.

"He has left some indelible footprints on all of our hearts, I'm not sure they can ever really be filled," said Sandra Ferguson, administrator at the Veterans' Victory House who worked with Bernard Warshaw on many facility projects.

The staff and residents of the Veterans' Victory House in Walterboro are all sending their thoughts and prayers to the family of the man they say made the facility possible.

"Anytime we needed anything here at the veterans' victory house we would call up on Mr. Warshaw,"said Ferguson. {}

Bernard Warshaw, of Walterboro, passed away Thursday at the age of 93.

The Victory House was one of hundreds of community projects to which Warshaw dedicated his time. His daughters Amy, Susan, Beth and wife of 67 years, Ann, agree serving was Warshaw's life work.

"His 93 years on earth was to help people and others. He never thought about himself, he took care of his children, his wife and other people," says his daughter Beth Warshaw. {}

The Warshaw sisters say their father's brief but meaningful military career shaped the man who raised them. Shortly after Warshaw arrived at The Citadel, he received draft orders for World War II.

In the European theater he liberated people at a concentration camp.

"The impact of what he experienced in Dachau stayed with him forever, as it would with anybody, for him it was even more personal, that framed him forever," said family friend Jack Wayne Carter Jr. {}

He says for years he never knew about Warshaw's military career. Like most people, he met Warshaw at his clothing store.

"My father would stand at the front counter his legs crossed like this when a customer would come in he greeted them with a handshake," Susan Warshaw Garfinkle, his daughter. {}

Warshaw's three daughters say he was a great salesman, but a better family man.

"He was proud as he could have ever been that he was even going to meet a great-grandchild," said his daughter Amy Warshaw Pearlstine-McNally.

Graveside services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Live Oak Cemetery in Walterboro. {}

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