Citadel grads to perform with Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Two Citadel alums and active duty Marines will have the opportunity of a lifetime this week. They will perform on stage with Toby Keith and Lady Antebellum.

Lt. Col. Mike Corrado, '92, and Capt. John Auer, '07, teamed up with the country music superstars for the Academy of Country Music's show ACM Presents: An All Star Salute to the Troops.

Corrado is currently assigned as the Executive Officer, for the Wounded Warrior Regiment, in Quantico, Va. Auer is serving as the Platoon Commander for the Silent Drill Team located at the Marine Barracks, in Washington, D.C.

But the former Bulldogs are not just Marines.

Auer is a classically trained violinist who was originally from Nashville, Tenn. Corrado is a singer/songwriter whose songs focus on service and sacrifice.

"Some of my songs are stories filled with the kinds of emotions service members and their families faced while the country was at war for over a decade," Corrado said.

Corrado has crafted songs like "Still in the Fight" which addresses the challenges of recovery faced by many wounded warriors and their grace and resilience throughout the recovery process.

"On My Watch Tonight" Coronado tells the story of a Marine's journey from Boot Camp to the front lines.

"On My Watch To night became an anthem of sorts for service men and women around the world after I produced it," Coronado said.

Both were chosen to perform by their branch, Corrado says in appreciation for their service and to celebrate their musical talent and inspiration.

The show was recorded in April in front of a live audience in Las Vegas, but its air date was set for May 20.

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