Citadel investigation 'near completion' in ReVille case

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The attorney hired to be the liaison between The Citadel and the group investigating the school's handling of the Skip ReVille case said Friday the report is still "in progress" but is nearing completion.

Joe McCulloch said officials are working on making the report presentable and trying to set a time that works for The Citadel, McColluch and Margolis, Healy and Associates to officially present the results of the investigation to The Citadel and the general public.

McCulloch said the report would address the school's handling of the camper's allegations against ReVille.

"The review team is tasked with reviewing The Citadel's response to report in 2007 of an allegation of misconduct in 2002 by ReVille, and to assess The Citadel's policies and procedures as they existed in 2007 through the present," a statement read.

The statement also said the panel would make recommendations for improving the school's policies and procedures in regards to protecting children involved in activities held by The Citadel.

"A final report is anticipated in early April and will include corresponding recommendations for policy changes, as may be needed," the statement concludes.