Citadel releases emails pertaining to ReVille case

CHARLESTON (WCIV):{} The Citadel released new documents{}in the case involving accused child molester Skip ReVille.{} The documents were actually 47 emails sent in 2007 between The Citadel's lawyer and several counselors.

Three of them were counselors for the camper who accused ReVille of inappropriate behavior.

In one email, Mark Bradenburg, The Citadel's General Counsel, was discussing the statute of limitations in regards to the allegations.

After studying several other cases, he wrote: "I am not optimistic that we can escape this case or others, based purely on the (sexual abuse) statute.

Another email Brandenburg sent also came apparently after discussions with the alleged victim's family.

It reads: "I have had this file on my desk since August, thinking there would be additional developments.{} There were a scant few--I have had no more communication. I plan to put this file back in my file cabinet, but do not plan to take any action on it further."

Recently, Lieutenant General John W. Rosa expressed regret at not looking further into the matter.

We'll continue to follow developments on this story, and will bring you more details as they become available.

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