The Citadel releases statement about Skip ReVille

Louis Neal “Skip” ReVille

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- New details were released Saturday{}surrounding an incident involving former Mount Pleasant coach, and assistant principal, Skip ReVille.

During the past few weeks ReVille has been charged with molesting five teenage boys, and is expected to face six more charges from Hanahan police.

ReVille, who graduated from The Citadel also worked at the school as a counselor at the former Citadel Summer Camp. Last week The Citadel officials said that in 2007 a former camper accused ReVille of inappropriate behavior. In a statement released last week, vice president for external affairs Jeff Perez said the case was investigated by The Citadel and the claim was not pursued by the individual who made the accusation or the family. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, Saturday The Citadel released the following statement:

The Citadel family is deeply saddened that one of its alumni has committed, by his own admission, acts that betray the principles and values for which the college stands. We remain dedicated to the well-being of all who are associated with The Citadel.

As has been reported, in 2007 The Citadel received an allegation against Louis Neal Skip ReVille. We want to make it very clear that, as soon as this information was brought to our attention, The Citadel immediately investigated the accusation.

In 2007, a former camper at The Citadel Summer Camp reported that, five years prior, in 2002, he was in the room of Mr. ReVille along with another camper. The individual stated they watched pornography on Mr. ReVilles computer. They did not touch each other, but they engaged in sexual activity.

Because of the seriousness of the accusation, The Citadel's general counsel conducted an investigation immediately, including traveling to the individual and his family and conducting an interview.

A thorough review of Mr. ReVilles records revealed no other complaints, and interviews indicated that he was highly regarded by those at camp. His file included a clean background check conducted by an outside organization. Unlike his admissions to current charges, Mr. ReVille strongly denied the accusation.

Mr. ReVille was a highly respected cadet whose peers elected him chairman of the Honor Court, and at graduation he was presented the award for excellence in public service.

When questioned by investigators in October, according to court documents, ReVille confessed to sexually assaulting three teenagers.

During his career, ReVille worked at Coastal Christian Preparatory School, Bishop England High School. He also coached at Velocity Sports Performance and the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department.

He is currently in custody at the Charleston County Detention Center on a{}bond of more than $1 million dollars.

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