Citadel release report on molestation complaint: No cover-up

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP/WCIV) - An investigation into how The Citadel handled a complaint about a former camp counselor molesting boys was released Friday.

The state military college hired outside experts to investigate the 2007 incident and asked special counsel Joe McCulloch to oversee the probe. The findings of the investigation started last fall say there was no cover up on the part of school officials.

Ann Franke of Wise Results, LLC and Dr. Gary Margolis of Margolis Healy were hired by the Citadel to investigate and spent 700 hours reviewing 25,000 emails and conducting interviews.

The investigation centers on how the college handled the complaint about former camp counselor and Citadel graduate Skip ReVille. The school looked into the complaint at the time but never contacted police.

Instead the report claims "believability bias" saying the key players were misled by a master mind. Officials say Citadel President Rosa was not initially aware of specific details in Skip Reville case.

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A separate agency has recommended 10 action items for future cases, including a part-time child protection officer.

The McLeod Law Group represents the camper who came forward in 2007 along with other ReVille victims and issued a statement on their behalf.

Attorney Mullins McLeod stated, "The report is silent with regard to accountability which is troublesome because without accountability there will be no prevention. The families feel strongly that had the people in charge at The Citadel practiced what they preached then innocent children would not have been abused." The report attempts to clear the Board of Visitors and President Rosa based on the faulty conclusion that Mr. Brandenburg asserted this incident was limited to a potential civil claim.

Father of the abused camper and 1972 Citadel graduate states, "My son had the courage to speak up and report sexual abuse. Our family, without any agenda or malice towards my alma mater, reported the abuse to Lt. Gen. Rosa's office in April of 2007. My son described the abuse in detail along with his knowledge of other campers who experienced similar abuse during the summers of 2001 and 2002. The policy attached to this release speaks for itself and so does the inaction of President Rosa and his confidants."

McLeod states, "In the wake of the Penn State scandal, its President and Joe Paterno were fired by the school's Board. Today's report confirms, however, that as for The Citadel it is business as usual. I suspect President Rosa and others will eventually learn that their self-serving hypocrisy will not extend beyond those gates."

ReVille is a Citadel graduate and former teacher who later worked at schools, camps, churches and recreation programs in the Charleston area.

He was sentenced last June to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to 22 abuse counts.