Citadel's Golf Company delivers toys to MUSC Children's Hospital

Cadets McLoughlin, Joey Schiano, and Cooper Lemons. (Source: The Citadel)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Cadets from The Citadel's Golf Company will deliver thousands of dollars in toys to the MUSC Children's Hospital on Monday afternoon in the hopes of spreading a little Christmas cheer.

The project, dubbed the "Golf Company Operation for the Kids," started just after cadets reported to campus in the fall with an idea pitch from an intern.

"I told members of my company about it and we all knew we wanted to do something for the kids, but we didn't know what or how," said Sean McLoughlin, a senior cadet and intern at the children's hospital.

So it started with T-shirts.

"Everybody loves a T-shirt, so we made a great one and began marketing it. We ended up raising about $3,000 through the generosity of other cadets as well as parents," he said. "Then we hit the stores."

That fundraising effort led to a massive shopping spree which will end at the Medical University of South Carolina's horseshoe with the cadets, their mascots the General and Boo X.

McLoughlin said Golf Company collected a list of needed items from the children's hospital.

"It is such a great place. The children are always so grateful for surprises," McLoughlin said. "We hope the games, movies and dolls we are taking them will help bring them a little joy while they are in the hospital during the Christmas season."

Golf Company is one of five companies that makes up the Second Battalion at The Citadel. There are five battalions at the military college made up of 21 companies and 2,400 cadets.