City prepares for a dry Fourth at Folly

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- With a just a few days until the first dry Fourth of July, Folly Beach Public Safety Director Dennis Brown says officers are well prepared for the occasion.

"Officers are going to be at strategic locations and will be there to remind folks of ordinances and regulations and we will be trying to deal with the problem before it becomes an issue," Brown said.

Last year, the beach made headlines for booze and brawls. Now that one is gone, they are hoping additional staffing will eliminate the other.

"We were fortunate to work with the federal law enforcement center to develop training that the majority of staff went through that deals with incidents we saw on the beach," Brown said.

Brown says citations for alcohol consumption on the beach is significantly down compared the year before. He did not know an exact number as of Monday.

Despite overcast skies, beachgoers were out already beginning their holiday vacation.

Twenty-five-year-old Justin Cantley just moved to Folly and say the beach being dry doesn't bother him.

"I believe it is a good thing. It keeps some of the rowdiness off the beach," he said.

Since the city banned alcohol, there haven't been any fights like last year's brawl on the beach. The trash hasn't been as bad either, according one resident and business owner.

"Overall the feeling is good," said LaJaun Kennedy, owner of Fred Holland Realty. "The voting residents that live here all the time say, 'Yes it's very positive for us.'"

Kennedy also says rentals are booked for the Fourth and that business hasn't changed.

"We haven't picked up a whole bunch. The families are still here; they are enjoying the beach, having a great time and that's what we want," Kennedy said.