City says bicycles illegal on James Island Connector

By Stefanie

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV)-- After a day of asking a lot of questions, the City of Charleston finally figured out their rule concerning cyclists and pedestrians on the James Island Connector. It was a question we posed to both city officials and the Department of Transportation. But after repeatedly asking, the city admits that it is in fact *illegal* for bicycles to be on the connector. In a statement, city officials said quote: "The City of Charleston is working with SCDOT to place the proper signage on the James Island Connector informing the public that cyclists and pedestrians are not allowed by state law.{} Once the signs are in place, we will begin an educational process to inform the public about this state requirement regarding the prohibition of bicycles and pedestrians on the James Island Connector.{} After the education process is completed, we will begin to enforce the law if necessary."

Meanwhile-- the bicycle advocacy group 'Charleston Moves' started an initiative called the Ashley Crossing Coalition to make a bike lane on the Ashley River Bridge. The State Department of Transportation is reviewing the proposal and is set to make a decision later this month.