Civil suit filed in contract killing case

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A civil lawsuit filed by Nancy Latham's attorney claims her husband wanted her killed as part of a contract killing plot that unraveled last week. The suit also alleges Chris Latham and Wendy Moore, who worked at Bank of America with Latham, contracted Moore's ex-husband with "the purposes of having him murder Nancy Latham along with anyone else in her company.""She is experiencing extreme emotional distress. She was made aware through this process that there wasn't even concern for those around her," said Matthew Yleverton, Nancy Latham's attorney. Yleverton said Nancy Latham is seeking damages for emotional distress and that the civil filing was necessary because they are concerned about destruction of evidence. Moore, along with Aaron Wilkinson and Samuel Yenawine, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Police have not identified Chris Latham as a suspect in the case.