Fathom brings classic American movie back to theaters

Courtesy: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

By Justin

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Movie goers nation-wide will soon get to tap their feet, and sing along to the classic movie songs "I Feel Pretty", "Maria", "Gee, Officer Krupske" and "Cool."

That's because the star-crossed musical love story West Side Story is coming back to the big screen for just one night.

Last time you were at the movies, you may have noticed commercials for special one night events from Fathom. These events range from shows like Lady Gaga at Madison Square Gardens to{}special movie screenings.

"Most events are exclusive to Fathom but some are able to experience these events live as they are happening like the Metropolitan Opera, Drum Corps International and Los Angeles Philharmonic," Fathom PR Manager, Michelle Portillo said. "But for those of us who can't travel to New York, LA or Indianapolis, this is the next best thing."

On November 9th at 7 p.m., Fathom Entertainment will be delivering a special treat for fans of the 10 time Academy Award winning classic West Side Story. Fathom is partnering with Turner Classic Movies to bring the movie back to theaters{}for{}its 50th anniversary.

West Side Story was adapted from a 1957 Broadway musical, and is a modern telling of Romeo and Juliet. The plot revolves around a Puerto Rican immigrant gang known as the Sharks, and a white American gang called the Jets. Just like in Romeo And Juliet, things heat up when a member of the Jets named Tony, falls in love with Maria who is the sister of the Sharks member Bernardo.

The story is combined with music of Leonard Bernstein, to produce one of the most beloved American musicals of all time.

Here in the Lowcountry, people will be able to see this special showing at the Regal Theaters at Azalea and Charlestowne Square.

"We hope the West Side Story event on November 9th, will be well-attended as generations have enjoyed this classic musical and seeing it on the big screen is definitely a must-see," said Portillo.

Fathom Entertainment started back in 2002, in just a few test theaters, but has rapidly grown in the past year.

In 2010, nearly two million people attended Fathom events. In the{}second quarter of 2011 with nearly double the number of events, Fathom saw revenue go up 170 percent compared to the previous year.

"Fathom strives to bring events to theaters that audiences can experience as a community in their local movie theaters."

Also in November, Fathom will be bringing audiences its largest event ever with Twilight Tuesdays on November 1st, 8th and 15th.

For more information on upcoming Fathom Events being shown in the Lowcountry CLICK HERE.