Clean up after the flood

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV)Many people are still recovering from the impact of Tuesday's nasty weather and heavy downpourespecially in downtown Charleston.

For vendors at the Market, they say they arrived this morning to find the floors covered in dirt. City workers spent the morning cleaning that up.

Brittany Beach, a jewelry vendor, says the rain scared away many people Wednesday.

"I had a couple of people say that they didn't want to come out because they were scared it was going to flood again," she said.

Near the Crosstown, crews spent the day in sweeper trucks and using shovels to remove the debris from off the streets caused by the flooding.

One supervisor says that because there is so much debris, he says it will take at least until Friday to clear it all out.

Over at the College of Charleston, Randy Beaver with the school's emergency management says while nearly a thousand sandbags were used to keep flooding out of the buildings, more than 22 of the schools buildings received water damage.

"We've got anticipated dry wall damage and so in looking. We're looking at things like mold development, remediation of that, repairing the roof leaks, and preparing the window leaks," said Beaver.

The damage is estimated to be at least three-quarters of a million dollars says Beaver--all the buildings will soon have these dehumidifiers.

"The dehumidifiers will be running 24 hours a day for the next 7 days in anticipation of trying to reduce the potential for mold," said Beaver.