Clemson fields boat in Charleston Race Week

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Clemson University has a boat in the race for the first time. The school announced Friday that a group of four students would be competing at Charleston Race Week.

The school said no college teams have independently entered its own boat.

According to Clemson, the boat will be skippered by 18-year-old Jack Roberts, of Charleston. His crew will be 19-year-old Hugh Forester-Bennett, 18-year-old Nolan Bengal, and 18-year-old Mateo Gomez.

The four-man crew is made up of members of the school's sailing club.

"We are hoping by entering this race we will be bringing attention to a great program that Clemson has as well as seeing our sailors compete on an entirely new level.{} By expanding our organization to participate in events such as Charleston Race Week against international competition is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved," said Benjamin Burdette, Commodore of the Clemson Sailing Club.

The school will be racing "Bounce," a 1978 J-24 that the skipper and crew have been fixing up the last several months.{}

The school said it was bought last year from a person in Rhode Island under the condition that its signature tiger striped hull not be changed, a fitting paint job for the Clemson crew.{}