Clemson's legendary coach discusses Orange Bowl bid

MIAMI (WCIV) - When legendary Clemson headcoach Danny Ford heard about Clemson heading again to the Orange Bowl, he hadone reaction.

"I hope it's not a repeat of 78.It wasn't a good game," Ford said.

Ford ties together twoimportant Clemson games.

"The Gator Bowl, my first gamewith great coaches, and ties in the Orange Bowl in 81. Hopefully, we will bebetter than last Orange Bowl and better than 78 because I think OSU will playhard," he said.

Ford says someone told him thatClemson will take on Notre Dame in 2015. Ford says he thought it was a 2014game, something he's glad won't happen next season.

"I don't want to see themcoming that fast. I'll be 70 then. I want to slow down and enjoy it,"

For now, Ford is looking atthis past season and to the Orange Bowl this year.

"Everyone talks about Georgia.We talk about Georgia,good. Then boom, Florida State came and we gotbeat. Then we start another streak; then we got to live with the Gamecocksdefeat until we possibly get a win against OSU," Ford said.

Ford says the USC games alwaysmake him a little crazy. He said he felt it was always his responsibility towin those games because everyone was miserable if they lost.

This year was tough withClemson losing five years in a row to their rivals in Columbia. For now, he says an Orange Bowl winwould help the Tiger community heal.

But there's an interestingmatchup for the two teams.

"What they do well, we don't dowell. We don't defend well. Both teams do something well the other has toimprove on," Ford said.

And a lot of it sits on heshoulders of quarterback Tajh Boyd.

"He's good but he never beatUSC. If he gets a bowl victory, he'll be one of the most outstanding to everplay at Clemson," Ford said.

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